Miriam Yeung 楊千嬅 - Miriam Singing The Best of Gold Label 千嬅新唱金牌金曲 [Released 12 October 2007]

Singer-actress Miriam Yeung spares no efforts to turn this year into one full of Miriam surprises. She landed a big hit with her last major album, Meridian, and promises to please even more music lovers with her latest tour in October. As for this release, it contains Miriam's covers of hit songs by artists like Sandy Lam, Cookies, Edmond Leung, Leo Ku, Justin Lo, and Alex Fong. Miriam Singing The Best of Gold Label lets listeners experience songs like Edmond Leung's 501, Alex Fong's "Kind Reward for Kind Deed" (Track 3), and Justin Lo's "Love Song" (Track 5) with a touch of Miriam.

Album : Miriam Singing The Best of Gold Label (千嬅新唱金牌金曲)
Artist : Miriam Yeung (楊千嬅)
Release : 12 October 2007
Language : Cantonese

Track List:
01 青山散步 (Qing Shan San Bu)
02 傷追人 (Shang Zhui Ren)
03 好心好報 (Hao Xin Hao Bao)
04 命硬 (Ming Ying)
05 情歌 (Qing Ge)
06 為何他會離開你 (Wei He Ta Hui Li Kai Ni)
07 閉目入神 (Bi Mu Ru Shen)
08 花灑 (Hua Sa)
09 羅曼蒂克 (Luo Man Di Ke)
10 掩眼法 (藍鞋子) (Yan Yan Fa [Lan Xie Zi])
11 八里公路 (Ba Li Gong Lu)
12 501
13 愛是最大權利 (Ai Shi Zui Da Quan Li)
14 找我 (Zhao Wo)
15 派對動物 (Pai Dui Dong Wu)

Part I
Part II


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