Energy - Born With Reverse Bones

Energy - Born With Reverse Bones [Released 12 October 2007]

In a welcome reversal of trend, Energy has gained a member for their latest album, bringing the Taiwanese boy band back to four. After leader Milk withdrew last year, Energy, which started out as a five-member group, was left with only three members. This year, the forces get stronger with new member Xiao Gang joining Shu Wei, Kunda, and A-Di. Energy's calling card has always been their dancing, and this new album is no exception, serving up fast-paced hip-hop pop numbers as well as ballads. Constant media speculation of disbanding have plagued Energy in the last two years, but the group dispels all rumors by coming back stronger and more determined than ever with their new album.

Title song "Born with Reverse Bones" is a high-power rock and hip-hop fusion with swingbeat sounds. Energy complements the song with outstanding swing and breaking dance sequences. Other than dance numbers, the group excels in expressive rock ballads like "Starry Sky" (Track 4), the opening theme to the hit singing contest/reality show One Million Star, and "Tightrope" (Track 3) which describes romance as a tightrope journey - love and pain with no turning back. Other songs feature on Energy's new album include "Addicted" (Track 2), "Fall in Love in One Second" (Track 8), and "Too Free, Save Me" (Track 10).

Track List:
01 天生反骨 (Tian Sheng Fan Gu)
02 上癮 (Shang Yin)
03 鋼索 (Gang Suo)
04 星空 (Xing Kong)
05 萬有引力 (Wan You Yin Li)
06 游擊街頭 (You Ji Jie Tou)
07 不管 (Bu Guan)
08 一秒愛上你 (Yi Miao Ai Shang Ni)
09 答應我 (Da Ying Wo)
10 太自由救救我 (Tai Zi You Jiu Jiu Wo)

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