Nicky Lee 李玖哲 - Thinking Too Much [Released 12 October 2007]

Korean-American artist Nicky Lee was recently crowned Best Male Mandarin Singer at the 18th Golden Melody Awards for his album Baby It's Me, proving that good music indeed transcends all barriers. The down-to-earth R&B crooner continues his Mando-pop streak with his third album, Thinking Too Much. The album's theme focuses on individual emotions - for men, Thinking Too Much is often a burden, while for women it may come as instinct. Nicky's beautiful vocals are on prime display in the title track, proving that his award was well deserved. He teams up with Super Girl Bibi Zhou for "How Are You?" and good friend Vanness Wu for "One Day as Little Fatso". Other new songs include "Be Your Heaven", "Hurry and Come Love Me", and "Retreat".

Track List:
01 想太多 (Xiang Tai Duo)
02 做你的天 (Zuo Ni De Tian)
03 你好嗎 (女聲: 周筆暢) (Ni Hao Ma)
04 快點來愛我 (Kuai Dian Lai Ai Wo)
05 後退 (Hou Tui)
06 失物招領 (Shi Wu Zhao Ling)
07 圍牆 (Wei Qiang)
08 小胖子的一天 (Rap: 吳建豪) (Xiao Pang Zi De Yi Tian)
09 依依不捨 (Yi Yi Bu She)
10 愛不需要理由 (Ai Bu Xu Yao Li You)
Bonus Track:
11 너하나 없는데 ('做你的天' Korean Vers.) (Zuo Ni De Tian Korean Vers.)



Credit: Paulina

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