Khalil Fong 方大同 - Timeless Teipei Tour 2009 可啦思刻 (Taipei Tour 2009典藏限定版) [Released 09 October 2009]

Album : Timeless Teipei Tour 2009 (可啦思刻 (Taipei Tour 2009典藏限定版))
Artist : Khalil Fong (方大同)
Release : 09 October 2009
Language : English, Mandarin

Track List:
01.You Are The Sunshine Of My Life ~ Featuring 黄韵玲
02.Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You
04.Kuang Chao(狂潮)
05.La Bamba
06.Red Bean(红豆)
07.Georgia On My Mind
09.Wonderful Tonight
10.Moon River
11.The Moon Represents My Heart(月亮代表我的心)


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