Soler - Original Soundtrack Kafka Urban Folk 卡夫卡不插電 [Released 08 October 2008]

Soler returns live. In 2007, brothers Dino and Julio sent fans the full-length album X2 featuring Mandarin, Cantonese and English songs. Now they're back with a recording from their spring 2008 performance at the Kafka Café in Taipei. The main theme at the live gig was "All About Life" and now everybody who missed Dino and Julio in Taipei can relive the highlights at home. Featured songs on Original Soundtrack Kafka Urban Folk include "Elder Brother" (Track 3), which revolves around brotherly care and understanding, and "Persevering" (Track 1), a song describing the duo's thoughts on music. Other highlights on Soler's latest release are "Farewell Mama" (Track 5), which is dedicated to their mother, "Unbelievable" (Track 2), and Saving Grace, written in memory of their deceased father. 

Album : Original Soundtrack Kafka Urban Folk 卡夫卡不插電
Artist : Soler
Release : 08 October 2008
Language : Mandarin

Track List:
01 堅持 (Jian Chi)
02 不可思議 (Bu Ke Si Yi)
03 兄弟 (Xiong Di)
04 Fiona's Cafe
05 媽媽再見 (Ma Ma Zai Jian)
06 Saving Grace
07 Bridge



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