Khalil Fong 方大同 - Wonderland Live 2008 [Released 29 July 2008]

Khalil Fong mesmerized fans and critics alike with his third full-length album Wonderland. It was no surprise then that all tickets for his live concerts on March 30 and 31 this year sold out quickly. Khalil put the audience under a spell with his addictive song performances. Now his live songs are unveiled again in this DVD and CD combo. Khalil's live music repertoire features songs like "Little Sister" (DVD - Track 26), "Simple Is Most Beautiful" (DVD - Track 19), and "The Poet's Lover" (DVD - Track 28). Fans should also check out his collaborations: My Heart Will Go On with Kay Tse, Something Stupid with Fiona Sit, and "Premier Love Experience" (DVD - Track 9/CD - Track 5) with Endy Chow. Khalil also gives his best Michael Jackson impression by singing and moonwalking to Billy Jean.

Album : Wonderland Live 2008 (来演唱会)
Artist : Khalil Fong (方大同)
Release : 29 July 2008
Language : Mandarin/English

Track List:
01 未來 (Wei Lai)
02 每天每天 (Mei Tian Mei Tian)
03 叫我怎麼說 (Jiao Wo Zen Me Shuo)
04 拖男帶女 (Tuo Nan Dai Nu)
05 Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
06 哪怕 (Na Pa)
07 南音 (Nan Yin)
08 My Girl
09 Sorry
10 Stand By Me
11 Goodnight My Love
12 My Heart Will Go On (謝安琪合唱)
13 If I Ain't Got You (謝安琪合唱)
14 愛的初體驗 (周國賢合唱) (Ai De Chu Ti Yan)
15 Something Stupid (薛凱琪合唱)
16 日出而作 (農夫合唱) (Ri Chu Er Zou)



Credit: Paulina

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